Yes, change can be scary and uncomfortable. But guess what, it can also be beautiful and magical. It is the catalyst for growth and the only way things can ever get better than they are right now. That right there is scary, because it involves embracing the unknown.


But, the fact is, nothing ever stays the same. Everything is in motion, always. Everything changes…including us. You can’t fight it and you can’t run from it. We can choose to open up to change, embrace it, grow through it and allow life to open up to us and for us. Or, we can struggle and fight a losing battle because change is inevitable…it’s how we handle it that matters.


We invite you to watch this week’s episode of Coffee with Carrie & Calie where we share why we’re embracing change, how we realized that avoiding change means risking missing out on great, beautiful, joy-filled people and experiences to potentially hold onto good, mediocre, or even disappointing realities that are simply more comfortable. Leave a comment and tell us one way you are embracing change. We’re all on this journey together. We don’t have all the answers, but we’re putting in the work every day to become the strongest, healthiest, happiest versions of ourselves. Thank you for joining us in the trenches. We’re glad you’re here.

Calie Calabrese